LA Teen Therapist is California’s Leading Expert in Teenage Psychology

2018-07-10 12:00:00


Santa Monica, CA – Teens are complicated, and parents often have a hard time understanding them. Elizabeth Kromhout of LA Teen Therapist can help both sides understand each other and communicate more effectively. Elizabeth Kromhout and her team of clinicians are experts in teenage psychology.

The roles that Elizabeth Kromhout and her clinicians play are that of mentors and confidants, not the authoritative role that parents play. As experts in teenage psychology, they speak 16-year old fluently, which allows them to understand the way kids think and feel. As well as translate for the parents.

The phase of adolescence is where a dependent child moves towards becoming an independent adult. It is healthy that the teen starts to have more freedom and responsibilities. But this can easily become a source of conflict in the family. A goal of LA Teen Therapist is to provide teens a place to work out what their personal values are and how to make wise safe decisions accordingly.

As a parent you may find yourself frustrated and sad at your inability to cheer your child up as easily as you could when they were younger. You may frequently feel helpless in situations when they are going through their first heartbreak or when their close friends betray them. Many times it will also trigger your own unresolved issues with your parents and how they were when you were growing up or at the teen age.

LA Teen Therapist can help your family. To do this, they employ the best therapists who know the inner workings of teen minds and can also relate to the parents who want the best for their child and may be struggling with their own unresolved issues.

About LA Teen Therapist:

LA Teen Therapist is a Division of the Personal Development Institute. Headed by Elizabeth Kromhout, it is a group of professional teen psychology experts. They are dedicated to working together with clients in navigating the complex relationship between teens and parents. Using various techniques LA Teen Therapist helps teens and parents have a better relationship.

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