Mar$ Noel is a Guyanese rapper just released a brand new project under New Dawn Music Group titled “Times Up”

2018-07-04 12:00:00

Mar$ Noel is a talented new artist based in Georgetown, Guyana, with brand new music available now.

With a passion for energetic hip-hop and vibrant melodies, he set out to develop a personal and insightful approach to songwriting, creating compelling tracks that strike a chord for their balance of witty lyrics and memorable melodies.


Mar$ Noel has been rapping and writing his own material since the early age of 13. Self described as an Independent, clean, hip-hop rap recording artist. He has drawn influence from a wide range of artists, including: Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, right through to rappers like Public Enemy, NWA and Dre.

Mar$ Noel’s most recent release, Times Up (produce by The Contrack Killers) is a perfect example of his sonic vision and aesthetics. This production is balanced, direct and forward-thinking, with a sound that feels refreshingly modern, yet organic and natural like a classic from the golden age of rap. In an industry where many musicians seem to follow the same age-old cliches, it is refreshing to come across an artist who uses music as a mean of self-expression, connecting with the audience on a much deeper level.

In a recent interview Mar$ Noel talked about his dream of developing a brand, and using his music to help make the world a better place to live. One characteristic of his music, is that he touches on gangsta lifestyle and the streets, yet doesn’t use explicit lyrics. This could be considered a positive feature in many ways.

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