Baron's Beverage Services Announces New Free -60-Minute Perfect Pour Consultation

2018-06-30 12:00:00

June 30, 2018 - Canning Vale (WA) – Baron’s Beverage Services, the pre-eminent supplier of professional beer dispensing systems, is pleased to announce a new and free consultancy service for bar owners / operators.

This service involves an in-depth and entirely free consultation relating to the potential in a bar or pub premises for improvements to or the replacement of, their existing beer dispensing systems. That can be the first step in what will become a full proposition for a design.

Liam Baron, Director and Co-founder of Baron’s Beverage Services, commented further:

“In Australia, the tradition of the pub and later bar, goes back a long, long way.

Most Aussies are proud of their “local” but in truth, the market is changing, as is consumer preference.

Today, customers just aren’t interested in cramped and luck-lustre surroundings that haven’t changed much since the days of their parents and grandparents.

They’re even less inclined though to tolerate indifferent beers served in a haphazard “lucky dip” fashion. They want taste, quality, individuality, consistency and designer beers – plus excellent cold service of the same.

While most owners and operators understand that, sometimes they’re let down by sub-standard beer dispensing systems. That may be related to the age of their pumping systems and at other times due to poor maintenance. It can in some instances also be a matter of bad design and engineering to begin with.

In our experience, while many bar owners and operators are aware of their problems in this area, they don’t know what to do about them. They’re also sometimes dissuaded from taking action by what they perceive to be the risk of incurring high costs to bring in appropriate expertise.

That’s why we’re making our free consultation offer. We’d like to provide a platform for bar managers to start to consider putting beer dispensing systems in place that will do justice to the excellent new beers currently hitting the market.”

About Baron’s Beverage Services, Canning Vale, Western Australia

4 generations of the Baron family have worked in the beer dispensing industry.

Liam Baron is therefore the inheritor of a long family line of expertise which is applied today throughout his company.

Their services cover:

• Conceptualisation and design

• Installation

• Maintenance and engineering

• Routine servicing

• Chemical supplies

• Refrigeration and maintenance.

In their Canning Vale operation, the company employs five people on a permanent basis.
For further information

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